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The name's Jo-Paul, although plenty of people call me Toasty. Welcome to my shit blog.

I mostly post Bioshock, Tron, and Fallout related things, but there's plenty of other stuff too.

Check out my art tag! Or maybe you'd be interested in some music?

Ask box always open :)

Apr 20 '14

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Apr 20 '14

Space Explorer Iron On Patch - from Mokuyobi Threads

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Apr 19 '14

Être ou ne pas être.


Être ou ne pas être.

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Apr 18 '14



I’ve successfully remembered one since I learned of it in eighth grade

Hrmn… maybe we should make a point to make it ~together~

[points sternly at Sarge’s Comics, sticks a pushpin on the map, circles the date on the calender in red sharpie]

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Apr 18 '14
pookie02 replied to your post: “Ooh maybe I won’t forget Free Comic Book Day this year…”:
I never remember ever, for years I haven’t remembered.

I’ve successfully remembered one since I learned of it in eighth grade

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Apr 18 '14

Ooh maybe I won’t forget Free Comic Book Day this year…

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Apr 18 '14

I want to RP with Fat Baby Theo but I don’t want to be redundant either


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Apr 17 '14

fun fact: there is a breed of the chaenostoma cordatum flower that was cultivated to more closely resemble the Pikmin flowers.

I want

Bacopa Cabana seeds

I want those flowers

(the natural flowers themselves do actually come in white, magenta (as seen in the new species of Pikmin 2) and lavender (as seen in the new species of Pikmin 3))


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Apr 17 '14

spice marines

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Apr 17 '14



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Apr 17 '14

glad to know i wasn’t the only one to think Eli’s icon was the forever alone guy

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Apr 17 '14


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Apr 17 '14
visionaryness replied to your post: “visionaryness replied to your post: “it’s funny because when you keep…”:
I will post pictures tomorrow! Just for u

!! I am glad! So glad !!

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Apr 17 '14

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Apr 17 '14
dreamcomesaving replied to your post: “ARTHROPODS”:
i just heard a nerd yell into the night

eat my shorts

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