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British Men With...Cheeckbones

The name's Jo-Paul, although plenty of people call me Toasty. Welcome to my shit blog.

I mostly post Bioshock, Tron, and Fallout related things, but there's plenty of other stuff too.

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Aug 31 '14

Becky knows why I’m making this post this weekend specifically, and though I technically should wait until… what, Sunday night? Monday night? I want to post this now (set to go at 12am Sunday mernin’) because it good stuff.

And by good stuff, I mean YOU, Becky, are good stuff. This is about some good stuff you’ve done just in this past year.


  • Got your ears pierced
  • Chopped all your hair off
  • Got your braces removed
  • Called AND visited college and university campuses
  • Improved your piano skills by a ridiculous amount
  • Beat Banjo-Kazooie at 100% (I’m pretty sure, or close enough…)
  • Helped and supported friends and acquaintances when they needed you
  • Started a schoolwide rebellion and boycott of standardized testing
  • Painting amazing pieces
  • Went to Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic pretty much on your own
  • Became a vegetarian (thanks in part to that part of Europe’s sausage obsession)
  • Drove on highways and backroads and all over
  • Got your first job
  • Quit your first job
  • Volunteered all over the place
  • Were in charge of the props crew for the theater shows
  • Became politically active via an internship
  • Had lunch with Ted Kennedy Jr.
  • Became a high school senior
  • Survived

And this is just the big tip-of-the-iceberg stuff. Every single day I think about you, and when the opportunity comes up I try to brag about how cool my sister is to my friends and co-workers. Because you’re cool and rad and are constantly growing, and even though you’ve changed so much this year, you’ve never ever ever stopped being Becky. I’m so lucky to be your sibling, and you’re still around and keepin’ on keepin’ on. I love you sooooo much.




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Aug 30 '14

Toasty date idea: I come over your house and in-depth organize all of your bookshelves and tchotchkes. You begin striking up casual conversation and I put my iPod headphones on.

Aug 27 '14

Nuh, the collector has a Dark Elf in his glass-cage collection…

poor lambs

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Aug 27 '14

Playboy’s catcall flowchart.  


Playboy’s catcall flowchart.  

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Aug 27 '14

Ugh, the blacklight section of Superbass is so pretty tbh *__*

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Aug 26 '14

Oh no, someone who I think is an asshole is going to a thing I’m also going to D:


Aug 26 '14

>customer comes in pissed off and just about ready to “throttle someone” over a piece of advice that didn’t work

>leaves after telling me all about his cute wildlife animal adventures, happy as a clam

that’s why they call me

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Aug 26 '14

I can always count on you to notice my tags, captxandri ;)

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Aug 25 '14

My saving grace is that the Novi Stars aren’t pose-able but tbh that only protects me so much

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Aug 25 '14

Okay but seriously I went from “ugh they got weird little dumpy faces haha gross” to “holy shut super cute I want like five” about the Novi Stars tho so like. disconnect my internet or something at this point tbh.

Aug 25 '14
lutecian replied to your post: “>tumblr post talking about finding Monster High, Lalaloopsy, and Novi…”:
the goodwill by me is full of disappointment and grandmas church clothes

If I’m lucky I can find a good book or two but yeah it’s usually ugly-but-not-fun-ugly sweaters and Barbara Streisand record after Barbara Streisand record

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Aug 25 '14
thebitterspills replied to your post: “thebitterspills replied to your post:thebitterspills replied to your…”:
My biggest problem with MH is the weird extreme swaybacks they have and the fact that pretty much no other doll shoes fit them. :(

The only one who should have such a swayback is Ghoulia Yelps tbh but for some reason I remember that being a pose trend even in the 90s/early 2000s…

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Aug 25 '14

>tumblr post talking about finding Monster High, Lalaloopsy, and Novi Star at Goodwill


What goodwill is this… take me…

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Aug 25 '14
I just have one MH doll I’m in the middle of modding. Those Ever After High dolls too, though…so pretty…

*w* mods…

See, MH and EAH are in the category of “ALMOST interested”… they look so generic to me, base-wise, but the designs and characters are so cute and interesting ;__;

Pookie and I were lamenting about that the other day, and she said “okay imagine them the same but with big chubby hips”. We’d be broke!!

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Aug 25 '14

admittedly novi stars were actually really neat apparently, like “this one glows in the dark” “this one has glitter liquid filled legs” “this one smells cool” so. aliens. neat.